A Revolutionary

Air Drying Process

For HVAC and Refrigeration

Our exclusive air-drying process, recipient of multiple global patents, combines capillary condensation through a semi-permeable membrane and osmosis to spontaneously remove water vapor from the air. Whether you’re looking for methods to improve your air conditioning process, eliminate condensation from your refrigeration applications, or in need of other dehumidification capabilities, The Nanocap Process creates an energy-efficient way to dry the surrounding air without the need for energy-intense and costly mechanisms.

New Design

utilizing a modular design to optimize both

space and energy savings

Use a single module or create an array of virtually unlimited modules depending on your air flow and relative humidity needs. New modules can be added or subtracted as your dehumidification needs change.

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We invite organizations from a variety of industries to experience the advantages of The Nanocap Process for your dehumidification needs

Industries of Interest

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HVAC Industry

For both residential and commercial applications

Commercial Refrigeration

No more frost formation on the glass panes

Residential Refrigeration

Keep food longer without spoiling

Lumber Drying

Used in conjunction with heating to dry green lumber

Wine Cellar

Allowing precision temperature control

... and more

We can solve a variety of your dehumidification needs